Getting ready to leave the neonatal unit

Getting ready to leave the Neonatal Unit

Be confident in feeding me

Now that I am getting ready to go home you should feel confident that you are aware of my feeding cues.  If I am breastfeeding, you will be feeling happy that I am in a good position and that I am having a steady weight gain.  If you have chosen to bottle feed me, either expressed breast milk or formula, you will know how much milk I need.  Staff will help you with this and please ask if you are unsure of anything.


Making up bottles

If you have made the decision to use formula to feed me then, before you take me home, you will be given the opportunity to use my own bottles and be shown how to make up my feeds.


Breast pump hire

Pumps are available for hire once I go home.  Please ask staff for details.


Car seat assessment

This may be done before I go home.  My nurses will let you know if I require my own car seat. Please remember that it is your responsibility to know the right way to put my car seat in the car. It might be best to have a practice before the day I am due to come home.


Giving medication

I may have to go home on some medication so shortly before I am due to go home the doctor will order my medicine and the nurses will show you how to give it to me.



Here is a resuscitation video that we recommend you use:


Infant follow up with Consultant

An appointment may be made for us to attend a follow-up clinic.  Other health professionals may be there to check my development and growth.  It is also exciting for me to see my nurses and doctors again to show them how I am getting on.