My Neonatal Journey (MNJ)

There are two parts that work together to make up the My Neonatal Journey Package.

1. The hard copy that you have been given by the staff at the neonatal unit.

2.  The linked web pages above that contain information on a variety of topics.

My Neonatal Journey has been written to give you important information to help you through the journey you and your baby/babies will take through neonatal services.

Around 1 in 8 babies will require admission to a neonatal unit because they have been born early or are sick.

The length of a baby’s stay in the neonatal unit may vary from days to weeks to months, depending on their needs.


MNJ: Links to further information about organisations and funding that is available: -Information and support for families – Communication Aids

Scottish Government Neonatal Expenses Fund

Neonatal Care in Scotland