Web Resources

The following web resources are detailed below:

1 Dashboard Demonstrator
2 Topics Index
3 PHS Wider Impacts Dashboard
4 NSS Discovery

1  Dashboard Demonstrator

The Hub Dashboard demonstrator gives examples of existing data dashboards in the Maternity and Neonatal data community and brings together links to each existing dashboard into one place: https://readymag.com/PHIDigital/MatNeoDemonstrator/

The Dashboard demonstrator also includes a list of CORE maternity measures.


2  Topics Index

Building on the work of the Dashboard demonstrator, the Topics Index catalogues individual maternity and neonatal measures already available, including those on the wider impacts dashboard, Discovery, NMPA, NNAP and PHS websites.

The Topics index is available at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iAcRF8gc1-k7341JygofiSUmsvmKJ_OxUPyE07XVTPU/edit#gid=277533606

We appreciate the Google Sheets platform may not be available to all our users and are working to develop a more sophisticated accessible platform for the catalogue.   In the meantime, if you cannot access the hyperlink above and would like to view the Topics Index, please contact the Hub Programme Team (phs.matneodatahub@phs.scot) and we will seek alternative ways of sharing the index with you.


3  PHS Wider Impacts Dashboard

As part of our COVID-19 response, Public Health Scotland created a data dashboard showing wider impacts of COVID-19 at https://scotland.shinyapps.io/phs-covid-wider-impact/.

This includes data on many aspects of maternity care in Scotland including:

  • breastfeeding
  • stillbirths, neonatal and infant deaths
  • antenatal booking appointments (numbers and average gestation; from the new Antenatal Booking Collection data return)
  • terminations of pregnancy (numbers and average gestation)
  • deliveries (gestation, mode (including C-section), whether induced, Apgar scores <7 and preterm births at NICU sites).


4  NSS Discovery

Another Public Health Scotland dashboard that includes information on maternity care in Scotland is the NSS Discovery dashboard which can be accessed here:


You will need to register for a user name and password for this one.