Kate Burley

Associate Director, National Strategies Networks
Specialist Services & Screening
NHS National Services Scotland

Kate Burley has an NHS background spanning more than 38 years.  Her clinical background is in Emergency Care as both a long serving Paramedic/Emergency Care Practitioner and as a Tutor/Trainer, with experience within emergency care settings in other countries including North America. More recently, Kate has concentrated on senior ambulance service management where she specialised in National Service Frameworks for coronary heart disease, external relationship building and national event management for the Ambulance Service Association and for the Executive Assistant to the CEO.

Kate has worked as director of many Clinical Networks over a period of fifteen years including: Cardiac, Stroke, Cancer, Maternity, Neonatal and Paediatrics. Extra responsibilities came in the form of a ‘Citizen Senate’s; Patient Voice and Insights’ programme which was an area of particular interest.

Kate has been a member of national external reference groups; including the Department of Health National Emergency Cardiac Board and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) National Stroke Advisory Board, contributing to the document “Supporting Life after Stroke”

In July 2016 Kate had the pleasure of being appointed as ‘Head of ScotSTAR’ (Scottish Neonatal Transport and Retrieval Service) within The Scottish Ambulance Service and, since June 2017, has held the position of ‘Associate Director for The Scottish Trauma Network (STN) working within the National Specialist and Screening Services Directorate (NSD) of NSS.

She has since led development and delivery of National Strategic Networks for Scotland, based on her successful and recognised exemplar STN model, including the Strategic Neonatal, Maternity, Fertility, Police Care, Prison Care and Care of Veterans Networks.