Our Strategic Partners

The Scottish Perinatal Network works alongside other national networks and programmes supporting pregnant women and families in Scotland.

Perinatal Mental Health Network (PMHN) Scotland

PMHN Scotland is a national managed clinical network. It aims to help develop and improve access to high quality care for women, their infants and families, who experience mental ill health in pregnancy or during the first postnatal year. PMHN works to ensure that expert-led care and treatment is available wherever a woman lives in Scotland.


Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Third Sector Directory

To support midwives, health visitors and families, Scottish Government and Inspiring Scotland have created a directory of Third Sector Perinatal Mental Health services across Scotland which are accepting referrals. Click here to view the online directory

If you would like your service to be added to the directory, please click here.


Scottish Obstetric Cardiology Network (SOCN)

SOCN was commissioned in 2018 in response to the 2016 MBRRACE-UK report, “Saving Lives, Improving Mothers’ Care”, which highlighted that cardiac disease remains the largest indirect cause of death in pregnancy. SOCN encompasses care for women who either have a pre-existing cardiac condition before pregnancy or go on to develop cardiac conditions during pregnancy.


Surgical Conditions Affecting Newborns in Scotland (SCANS) Network

The Surgical Conditions Affecting Newborns in Scotland Network formerly known as Surgical Congenital Anomalies Network Scotland (SCANS) was set up to provide families and professionals with information regarding the following conditions: Diaphragmatic Hernia, Duodenal Atresia, Exomphalos, Gastroschisis, Oesophageal Atresia.


Children with Exceptional Healthcare Needs (CEN)

Children with Exceptional Healthcare Needs (CEN), is a National Managed Clinical Network with the aim of strengthening specialist services for children with complex and exceptional healthcare needs in Scotland.


NHS Education for Scotland (NES)

NES is an education and training body and a national health board within NHS Scotland. NES is responsible for developing and delivering healthcare education and training for the NHS, health and social care sector and other public bodies in undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development. NES has developed a range of educational and training resources to support health and social care professionals working with women, babies and families in the perinatal period.

NES has liaised with health visitors, midwives and other colleagues to develop further training, based on the ‘train the trainer’ model, to support primary care professionals in Scotland to become Perinatal Mental Health Champions. Champions will support health visitors and midwives achieve the skills and knowledge of the Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Curricular Framework.

Find out more about this training here.

Access the curricular framework and links to the e-learning modules at: here


Scottish Patient Safety Programme: Maternity and Children Quality Improvement Collaborative (MCQIC)

The Maternity and Children Quality Improvement Collaborative focuses on improving outcomes for babies, children and their mothers. This includes specific improvement initiatives for maternity and neonatal care.